We will treat you like family.  We know you take great pride in your home both on the inside and out.  Our goal is to take care of your roofing needs from complete recovers to minor and major repairs.  This way your house will be the pride of the block.
Sample Work #1

This was a job we did on a complete recover using  dimensional composition roofing.  There are many stages to a complete recover.  It begins with the removal of the old shingles, followed by install of plywood and underlayment.  To finish, we replace all jacks and valleys and finally install composition system and ridge system.  Composition roof has limited lifetime warranty through the manufacturing company.  To accompany the manufacture warranty, we provide every customer a 5 year labor warranty on all complete recovers.

Sample Work #2

This was job we did on a complete recover using tile roofing.  There are different styles of tiles to include; flat, "s", clay, and villa tile.  Tiles come in standard and light weight.  Tile roofs are often cool roof rated and use long lasting materials.  Although tile roofs last longer than comp roofs, they do require maintenance every 1-5 years.